CLOCworks Inc. has developed a unique Data-as-a-Service offering that empowers businesses to lower electric bills, improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

CLOCworks focuses on helping customers answer high value questions “What may happen?” or “What action(s) should be taken?”. These high value questions require advanced data analysis and often leverage machine learning, two areas in which the CLOCworks software platform excels.

Many companies are able to use analytics to answer historical questions. CLOCworks focuses on providing answers to forward looking questions.

CLOCworks provides deep optimization insights to customers about their energy usage. In addition, CLOCworks software platform can deliver automated, real-time, smart control signals across the client’s facility.

CLOCworks software is designed to provide both analytic insights and automated control.

CLOCworks Data-as-a-Service technology is currently deployed in several business segments including commercial, industrial, and utility markets. Facility operators for educational institutions, water facilities, and manufacturing plants are harnessing the power of CLOCworks software.

Data Driven

Collecting data is only half of the battle. Put your data to work with cutting-edge analytics and machine learning driven decisions.


Interface with the equipment you already have and leverage a platform that won’t hinder your future infrastructure choices.


Ensure best practice cyber secure design across your connected product ecosystem.