At CLOCworks we are committed to developing software that accelerates the adoption of renewable energy by commercial and industrial businesses.

Commercial businesses in the United States spend over $140 billion on energy annually. Much of that power is generated from fossil fuels. With the costs of solar, wind, and battery systems becoming competitive with fossil fuel generation sources, there is a growing momentum for businesses to take control of energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Understanding how to manage electric vehicle charging is a challenge for many commercial businesses.

CLOCworks is developing software that autonomously manages onsite generation and optimizes power delivery. We are working with channel partners who install the hardware assets like solar, wind, batteries, and HVAC systems at commercial facilities and use CLOCworks software to operate the deployed systems. This enables commercial business owners to focus on their core businesses, while also reaping the benefits of onsite generation such as: lower energy costs, onsite back-up power, and reduced carbon footprint.

Solar panels are frequently paired with energy storage, which can open up a number of energy efficiency improvements via automated control.